Verbe à connaître / Verbs to know

passé-composé/ présent/ futur simple

♦ first group verbs
♦ auxiliaries
♦ modal verbs
♦ second group verbs
♦ third group verbs

A2 – B1
imparfait / conditionnel présent/ subjonctif présent


  1. Sohail

    Bonjour Madame i have watched videos of many French teachers online but all of them have more or less the same style and material but you are the best because your technique is different and very easy to grasp. I salute you for the amazing work you have been doing. Regards.

    • Elsa French teacher

      Thanks Sohail! That’s so nice of you and very encouraging for me to keep doing my work for you.


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Elsa, specialist in pedagogy

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