I am Elsa, this is my story :


When I had to decide, at the age of 18, what would be my job, I was specialized in sciences, especially biology. I should have chosen a University in that field.

I am not sure of the reason that made me decide otherwise. I think at that age, I wanted to discover other countries and communicate with different cultures.

That is the reason why I went to Bordeaux to get a Master Degree in FLE (French as a foreign language pedagogy).

Then, I wanted to understand better the interaction between languages and populations in the world, so I went to Aix-en-Provence to get a Master degree in linguistic policies. That was a great experience.

After that, I have been teaching French for 15 years in different countries (you can watch my trip in the video below).

Then, as I have always been passionate about technology and computers, I decided to start giving online lessons. I realized it was a great way to teach and learn without the disadvantage of getting stuck in traffic jams 🙂

Finally, I decided to create my own project, a step-by-step distance learning method, where we could preserve some human contact while enjoying the comfort of online communication tools.